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Engine Block Sealer And Engine Block Coating

Sealing the inside of an engine block addresses issues related to porosity, corrosion, and lubrication, and enhances to the overall longevity and reliability of the engine. Both KBS RustSeal and KBS Gold Standard Tank Sealer are excellent engine block sealer options. Here is how they are used.

Cold Galvanizing Compounds, Zinc-Rich Coatings, or RustSeal?

The primary purpose of RustSeal, cold galvanizing compounds, and zinc rich coatings is to prevent rust. RustSeal prevents rust and corrosion in a very different way than zinc coatings. So, which is the best rust preventive coating?

How to Black Out Chrome Trim with Paint

Customers ask us how to get great results blacking out chrome trim. BlackTop is an ideal black out trim paint for chrome. Check out how it is done with BlackTop from KBS Coatings.

Using RustSeal Safety Colors for Painting Industrial Equipment and Floor Markings

Using safety colors for painting industrial equipment and floor markings is done regularly to enhance visibility, identify potential hazards, and promote workplace safety. Being in an industrial environment, the paint needs to be able to stand up to the abrasion, scratches, impacts and chemical exposure they might receive. KBS Coatings RustSeal in safety colors is formulated to do just that and can be used to protect both indoor industrial equipment and floor markings. Check it out.

Using Nonconductive Coatings as Part of an EV Conversion

Converting internal combustion engine powered vehicles to electric power is increasing in popularity. Electrical components must be mounted on non-conductive surfaces. You can make metal surfaces nonconductive with nonconductive coatings. See how RustSeal can be used as for this purpose.

VIDEO: Stacey David from Gearz Shares How To Seal A Tank With The KBS Tank Sealer System

VIDEO: Stacey David from Gearz shares how easy it is to prep and seal a gas tank with the easy-to-use KBS Tank Sealer System. Tank Sealer from KBS Coatings is a superior, one part, ready-to-use fuel tank sealer that is specifically formulated to stop rust and corrosion.

VIDEO: How To Use KBS Paint Mixing Cups

VIDEO: KBS Paint Mixing Cups take out the guess work and allow you to mix with confidence. With KBS Paint Mixing Cups you can precisely measure out the amount of each component needed to reach the desired mix ratio.

How To Prepare Metal Before Body Work To Prevent Future Rust

By taking the proper steps to prepare and seal or prime the metal before body work (KBS Klean, RustBlast, RustSeal), future rust and possible pop off of the body filler can be prevented. +Read More.

How To Paint A Concrete Floor and Seal a Concrete Floor

RustSeal, KBS MAXX, KBS MAXX Clear, and DiamondFinish Clear are excellent coatings for painting concrete and sealing concrete. These coatings provide floor protection, longevity, and appearance and this will help you pick the correct coating for the specific application.

The Best Way to Refinish a Rusty Truck Frame

For the ultimate and longest lasting rust protection, RustSeal is the best option after first preparing the surface with KBS Klean and RustBlast. KBS Rust Converter is a good rust preventer for use on completely rusted surfaces, but RustSeal will provide the longest lasting protection.

How to Completely Seal a Rusty Fuel Tank

This article describes how to completely seal a gas tank to prevent rust which is important because the rust will flake off and clog filters and injectors. The process is very simple and straight forward using the Tank Sealer Kit from KBS Coatings.

Clear Coat for Water-Based Paint and Coatings

DiamondFinish Clear is a clear coat that is incredible for protecting latex and as a clear coat for water-based paint and coatings of other types. This article describes all of the benefits for using DiamondFinish Clear to seal and protect surfaces painted with water-based coatings.

How to Refinish a Rusty Snowplow

Snowplows receive a lot of abuse during a busy season and wear and tear can take their toll. Maintaining a snowplow is much less expensive than replacing it or making significant repairs. We describe in this article how to prep and coat a rusty snowplow.

Restoring a Wooden Countertop With DiamondFinish Clear

DiamondFinish Clear is the ideal clear coat for wooden countertop restorations. DiamondFinish Clear bites and adheres well to the clear that is already on the countertop. DiamondFinish Clear it is able to take the abuse that comes with being a countertop surface.

How to Detail Your Engine and Engine Bay with KBS Klean

A clean engine bay looks great and makes a car or truck easier to maintain. This article describes how to use KBS Klean as part of this process to detail your engine making your job so much easier.

The Best Way to Paint Brake Rotors and Restore Brake Rotors

Brake rotors have a big impact on the appearance of wheels. This article describes how to easily restore your rusty brake rotors and how to prevent rust on brake rotors.

How to Stop Rust and Prevent Rust

How you choose to stop rust depends on how effectively you want to stop the rust long-term, the amount of work you want to put into the project, and the quality of the final finish you desire to achieve. The KBS 3-Step System stops rust, is easy to use, and provides a beautiful final finish.

How to Achieve an Incredible Looking Finish When Applying A Moisture Cured Paint

Being patient and taking care to not apply coats too thickly and allowing sufficient dry time between coats allows moisture cured urethanes to cure correctly leaving a beautiful and durable finish. This article describes how to properly apply moisture cured urethanes.

Other Uses for Truck Bed Liner

KBS Bed Liner, which is a tough and flexible thick black protective polyurethane coating, is designed to protect against corrosion and abrasion while withstanding impacts and providing a high-grip surface and can be used for more than just truck beds.

KBS Fusion FPP Flexible Plastics Primer Provides a Tight Bond

KBS Fusion FPP - Flexible Plastics Primer Video Overview hows that Fusion FPP is a grey flexible surface primer ideal for promoting adhesion between flexible surfaces like plastics, urethanes, wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber and most varieties of Topcoats.

Lure Makers Need A Quality Clear Coat

Choosing the proper clear coat to be used on lures is important. Clear coat has more functionality than just providing a shiny final finish. DiamondFinish Clear is ideal for any type of lure surface, including jig heads. +Read More.

How To Properly Open a DiamondFinish Clear Can and How To Preserve Clear Coat In The Can

Over the years, one of the most useful tips we give to our customers is how to properly open a paint can so it be sealed correctly. In the video, we show you how to properly open and close a paint can from KBS Coatings. +Read More.

Marine Paint Needs to Have Toughness, Flexibility, and Durability

Marine paint needs to separate air and moisture from the metal to avoid oxidation, the precursor to rust. To keep air and moisture away from metal the paint must bond strongly and be hard to avoid damage from wear and tear. KBS Coatings has a complete line-up of marine paints. +Read More.

RustSeal - Showing the Insane Durability and Flexibility of this Rust Preventive Paint

This video shows the durability and flexibility of RustSeal by KBS Coatings. +Read More.

DiamondFinish Clear Is The Ultimate Clear Coat for Fishing Lure Makers

DiamondFinish Clear is an ultra-long lasting, moisture cured clear coat designed to add body, depth, and a rich gloss to your fishing lures. +Read More.

DiamondFinish Clear Is The Clear Coat To Add The Bling To Your Custom Artwork

You have created your custom fishing lure and what to protect it and add Bling. +Read More.

How To Attach The Cavity Wand to KBS Cavity Coater Aerosol

In this video, we show you how to properly attach the easy-to-use Cavity Wand to the Cavity Coater Aerosol Can. +Read More.

Candy Pigment and Flake Added To DiamondFinish Clear to Restore Jet Ski

Check out what happened when a customer added metal flake and candy pigment to DiamondFinish Clear to restore a jet ski. +Read More.

Engine Paint – What’s Important for Best Performance?

Whether you are restoring your car or truck, detailing it for shows, or you just want it to look its best, making sure the engine looks great is important and engine paint is a big part of that. It’s one of the first things you see when you pop the hood. +Read More.

KBS Bed Renu Used To Restore Bumper With Textured, Durable Finish

KBS Bed Renu is not only designed to be used as a tough, durable Bed Liner, but KBS Bed Renu is also used to restore bumpers. +Read More.

Rust Prevention Products Used To Stop and Prevent Rust on Car Surfaces

In the video, Stacey David shows how easy it is to prep and coat surfaces of your car or vehicle to stop rust and prevent rust from destroying the metal surfaces. +Read More.

Rust Converter Versus Removing Rust and Sealing Metal – Which Protects Metal Longest?

Rust converter will do a good job of stopping rust and is a relatively quick process compared to eliminating rust and sealing the metal with a paint or coating. However, it won’t protect metal as long and the finish quality won’t be as smooth and attractive. +Read More.

Marine Paint Needs to Have Toughness, Flexibility, and Durability

Marine environments can wreak havoc on metal and the paints they are finished with. Things like boat trailers, decks, hulls, masts, and storage lockers are susceptible to the moist and often salty conditions. +Read More.

DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol Used To Clear Coat Wooden Steering Wheel

DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol is an excellent clear coat to go over sealed wood. +Read More.

Headlight Clear Coat Damage Reduces Light Output

Dull, cloudy, yellowed headlights affect both the safety and appearance of vehicles. +Read More.

Cavity Wax Provides Rust Protection in Hard-to-Reach Areas

Cavity wax is an excellent solution for providing rust protection in hard-to-reach areas. +Read More.

Roll on Bed Liner is Among the Best Ways to Protect Your Truck Bed

KBS Bed Liner can be used as a spray on, brush on, or roll on bed liner. The liner is long lasting, scratch and chip resistant and has excellent UV stability. +Read More.

Car Frame Repair is Kept Free of Future Corrosion Using the KBS Ultimate Frame Coater Kit

Car Frame Repair is Kept Free of Future Corrosion Using the KBS Ultimate Frame Coater Kit. +Read More.

Clear Concrete Sealer – How to Choose the Best Type for Your Project

A clear concrete sealer also helps to beautify concrete by bringing out its colors and textures with a low sheen, high-gloss or wet look finish. +Read More.

DiamondFinish Clear Used To Clear Coat Exterior Artwork

DiamondFinish Clear is not only an automotive 1K clear coat but is also used by artists worldwide to protect their outdoor sculptures and exterior artwork. +Read More.

XTC And XTC Clear Used To Paint Smoker

XTC is a high temperature/heat resistant coating formulated specifically to protect metal surfaces operating at temperatures from 500° F to 1500° F making XTC ideal for smokers and grills. +Read More.

KBS MAXX Used To Coat Heavy Equipment

KBS MAXX is a superior performance, two-component (2K), permanently UV stable polyurethane topcoat that can be applied by brush, roller or sprayer to all your heavy equipment and heavy machinery. +Read More.