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Roll on Bed Liner is Among the Best Ways to Protect Your Truck Bed

KBS Bed Liner - Easy To Apply Durable UV Stable Bed Liner

Roll on Bed Liner is Among the Best Ways to Protect Your Truck Bed

Carrying cargo is rough on the bed of your pickup truck. Dings and dents can make the pick-up bed appear aged and worn. On top of that, scratches and abrasion can expose metal and cause rust to form. Not only can this shorten the lifespan of the truck bed, but it also looks bad and can lower the truck’s resale value. There are a few ways to protect truck beds from damage caused by carrying cargo including installation of truck bed mats and rugs and drop in bed liners. A spray on or roll on bed liner can also be put in place. There are benefits and drawbacks to each. Read on to see which option is best for you.

KBS Bed Liner - Easy To Apply Durable UV Stable Bed Liner (Truck bed damaged by cargo)

Truck Bed Mats and Rugs

Bed mats and bed rugs are basically the same concept and are laid on the truck bed floor, with some manufacturers including pieces to protect the sides of the bed. Mats are typically made of rubber or a semi-flexible polyethylene, while rugs are often thicker and made from carpet, or polypropylene that’s covered with polyester fiber for a carpet-like effect.

In comparison, mats and rugs are usually a more economical option than drop-in bed liners while they typically cost more than a do-it-yourself spray on or roll on bed liner. Both mats and rugs are available in custom sizes that are patterned to precisely fit specific truck models, as well as available in universal sizes that can be cut to fit by the installer.

Among the benefits of bed mats and rugs is that they are easily installed with no preparation, other than cleaning the bed of dirt and debris. Also, they can be easily removed as needed for cleaning, storage, or replacement. Thickly padded bed rugs also have the advantage of being easy on the knees if you need to crawl around in the bed.

Negatives aspects of truck bed mats and rugs include cargo may slip as the mat or rug moves around. Also, they are not be as durable as a drop-in liner, or a quality spray-on or roll on bed liner when carrying heavy loads. Other considerations are that moisture can be become trapped underneath causing rust or corrosion to form - especially in locales that use road salt. Further, products that don’t protect bed sides leave them vulnerable to damage.

KBS Bed Liner - Easy To Apply Durable UV Stable Bed Liner (Truck bed mat)

Drop In Bed Liners

Drop in bed liners are made from a durable rubber or plastic and typically offer a higher level of protection against dents, dings, scratches, and damage than a bed mat or rug. The liners are one piece, drop into place, protect all sides of the bed, and are held in place with an adhesive or screws. Like mats and rugs, drop in liners are available in custom sizes as well as universal sizes. Pricing is affordable and is comparable to higher quality bed mats and bed rugs.

Beyond cleaning the bed of dirt and debris no special preparation is needed to install a drop in liner, and while it is more of a permanent solution, it can be removed and reinstalled if needed. Drop in liners usually offer a higher level of durability than a mat or rug, and models with a grippy surface can do a good job of keeping cargo from sliding around.

Drawbacks include that water can seep through underneath the liner leading to rust and corrosion. Also, installation can be invasive if the liner is held in place with fasteners that need to be inserted into the bed.

KBS Bed Liner - Easy To Apply Durable UV Stable Bed Liner (Drop in bed liner)

Spray On and Roll On Bed Liners

A spray on or roll on bedliner is a permanent solution for protecting a truck bed. Spray on liners can be installed by professionals while do-it-yourself spray on and roll on bed liner kits offer a more economical option. Installation doesn’t take a lot of skill and even a novice can achieve a high quality, professional looking outcome. Most do-it-yourself kits can be sprayed on, or rolled on, as the installer sees fit.

A spray on or roll on bedliner adheres to the bed surface and is typically composed of a polyurethane elastomer. As such, water doesn’t get trapped, which helps to prevent corrosion. Ensuring there is no rust or corrosion before applying is important so that the rust doesn’t continue to grow and damage the metal under the liner. Since this liner type can be applied to all interior surfaces of the bed and tailgate it provides complete protection.

Additional benefits of a spray on or roll on bed liner are that it can’t crack or break as might happen with a drop in liner. Also, formulations with a rough, grippy surface helps keep cargo from sliding a round. A spray on and roll on bed liner can also dampen sound.

KBS Bed Liner - Easy To Apply Durable UV Stable Bed Liner (KBS Bed Liner can be sprayed on, brushed on or rolled on)

KBS Bed Liner

KBS Coatings offers KBS Bed Liner, which can be sprayed on, rolled on, or brushed on. KBS Bed Liner forms a highly durable yet flexible thick black protective coating that withstands impacts and protects against corrosion and abrasion. KBS Bed Liner is long lasting, scratch and chip resistant, and has excellent UV stability. KBS Bed Liner adheres strongly to the bed and its high traction qualities help keep cargo from sliding around.

For best adhesion, the bed needs to be properly prepared by scuffing the surfaces of the truck bed using medium grit sandpaper or a scouring pad. Using KBS Klean to clean the surface afterward is recommended. The surface must be clean, dry, non-glossy, and free of rust or flaking paint for the best performance.

Of note, if the bed of the truck as surface rust it can be removed and neutralized using the KBS 3 Step Rust Prevention System. This system can be of benefit for installing any type of truck bed liner.

As mentioned, KBS Bed Liner can be used as a spray on, brush on, or roll on bed liner. When spraying use a Schutz style spray gun or HVLP spray gun. When rolling using a 3-inch rough foam high quality and solvent resistant roller. For maximum durability, apply 2-3 coats. Always apply a thin coat of material on the first pass and then a slightly heavier coat. Allow 72 hours for full cure before placing objects on the surface. Detailed instructions can be found here.

Street Trucks Magazine used KBS Bed Liner on their classic Chevrolet square body custom build. You can see the article here.

Carrying cargo is rough on the bed of your pickup truck. You can extend the life of your truck bed and help retain the truck’s resale value by installing a spray on or roll on bed liner. For more information about the KBS do-it-yourself spray on, brush on, and roll on bed liner kits please contact us. We are here to help.

KBS Bed Liner - Easy To Apply Durable UV Stable Bed Liner

Car Frame Repair is Kept Free of Future Corrosion Using the KBS Ultimate Frame Coater Kit

Ultimate Frame Coater Kit - Inside Out Rust Protection

Car Frame Repair is Kept Free of Future Corrosion Using the KBS Ultimate Frame Coater Kit

During an automotive restoration car frame repair is often necessary. During the life of the car, or truck, the frame may have been damaged by rust or a collision. Since a damaged frame affects safety, it is important to be sure the frame is repaired properly. The first step of a car frame repair is a thorough inspection of the frame to determine if it has any damage.

In cases of collision a frame may be visibly bent, however, there are times when the damage may not be visible. This might be noticed if the vehicle is pulling to one side as it is being driven. If an alignment is performed and the car is still pulling, there is a good chance the frame is bent. Uneven tire wear is also an indicator of a bent frame. Again, if after an alignment is performed and the condition persists, the frame may be bent. Another sign of a bent frame are shocks and suspension that are worn unevenly. These components will wear faster on the side of the vehicle where more weight is being distributed by the bent frame. Uneven gaps in the body can also be a telltale sign of a tweaked frame and need for car frame repair.

To straighten the frame, autobody shops use powerful hydraulic machines to push and pull the frame back into shape. That is, if the car or truck hasn’t been too badly damaged. In this case, car frame repair may be possible by cutting out the bent portions of the frame and weld in replacement pieces.

Another consideration are cracks in the frame that have formed due to collision, or stress from long-time use. Cracks can be visible to the naked eye, however, some are hard to see or are hidden just below the surface of the metal. Also, visible cracks may have ends that are so narrow that it is difficult to see how far they extend. There are methods to find these small cracks in the metal. The first is visible dye penetrant testing where dye is applied to the metal surface. After a period, the dye is wiped off the surface, which leaves dye that has settled into the crack. Therefore, making the crack visible as a bright red line. The only drawback is that the test will only show cracks that have reached the surface. It won’t show internal cracking of the metal.

Ultimate Frame Coater Kit - Inside Out Rust Protection

Dye penetrant testing indicates cracked metal

A different and more accurate way to test metal for cracks is magnetic particle inspection, which is commonly known as Magnaflux. This process detects cracks that are on the surface as well as defects in the subsurface of the metal. The way it works is magnetic particles, suspended in oil, are applied to the surface of the metal. The metal then receives a magnetic charge causing the magnetic particles in the oil to concentrate where cracks or defects in the metal are and indicate where they are located. Of note, Magnaflux is significantly more expensive than visible dye penetrant testing for car frame repair.

Ultimate Frame Coater Kit - Inside Out Rust Protection

Magnetic Particle Inspection reveals crack

Cracks in frames must be expertly repaired. Common car frame repair methods for flat surfaces include reinforcing the crack with a square shaped plate with the square edges of the plate placed 45° to the crack, which spreads the stress forces out. Another method is to “stop drill”, or drill holes at ends of the crack to keep the crack from migrating, and then installing a sleeve over the cracked area and welding it in place.

Rust is common cause for significant frame damage. Especially with cars driven in the midwest and northeast US, where road salt eats away at metal. Rust damage is usually easily spotted with a visual inspection of the frame. However, frames can rust from the inside out, with little evidence of rust on the exterior of the frame. So, it’s important to inspect inside frame rails to be sure this isn’t happening. Also, the welds throughout the frame, including joints of mounting tabs welded onto the frame, need to be carefully inspected for rust damage that may have compromised the integrity of the metal.

The rust needs to be removed physically, or chemically, and perforated or significantly damaged metal needs to be replaced. Welded-in steel plate patches may work in some cases while in more extreme situations new frame sections can be purchased or obtained from donor cars.

Once a frame has been inspected, and any needed car frame repair made, it should receive a coating that will keep it protected from rusting in the future. KBS Coatings offers the Ultimate Frame Coater Kit to remove rust, prepare the metal for coating, and seal it away from future corrosion.

The first step in the process is to remove any loose, flaking rust with a wire brush or wheel, or sandpaper. KBS Klean is then used to clean the metal. This high-strength non-toxic cleaner removes dirt, grime, grease, and other contaminants from the surface of the metal. KBS Klean can also be used to clean the frame during frame inspection and car frame repair.

Ultimate Frame Coater Kit - Inside Out Rust Protection

The next step is RustBlast, which removes rust and is applied with a scrub brush and allowed to soak for at least 30 minutes. RustBlast contains zinc phosphate pre-primer and etches metal to prepare it for coating with RustSeal.

Ultimate Frame Coater Kit - Inside Out Rust Protection

RustSeal is then applied with a brush, roller, or spray-gun. RustSeal is a single part coating that is hard and durable, yet flexible to handle impacts and dings. It effectively seals the metal away from air moisture and therefore keeps it from rusting. RustSeal provides a beautiful finish, and if flows out well. Which means it smooths out when applied and doesn’t show brush marks. RustSeal looks great and compliments any show car or restoration.

Ultimate Frame Coater Kit - Inside Out Rust Protection

A final, yet crucial step is to protect the inside of frame rails from rust. To do so, the kit includes Cavity Coater, which is a cavity wax and corrosion inhibiting coating. Cavity Coater penetrates deeply to provide protection in hard-to-reach areas. Cavity Coater is applied with the Cavity Wand, which has a 360 degree spray tip for complete coverage.

For a demonstration of Cavity Coater being applied click here.

Proper frame inspection, car frame repair, and corrosion protection are an important part of an auto restoration. The KBS Ultimate Frame Coater Kit ensures the frame will stay in rust-free condition, and looking great, for years to come.

Ultimate Frame Coater Kit - Inside Out Rust Protection

For more information on the Ultimate Frame Coater Kit click HERE.

Clear Concrete Sealer – How to Choose the Best Type for Your Project

DiamondFinish Clear - Concrete Sealer

Clear Concrete Sealer – How to Choose the Best Type for Your Project

A clear concrete sealer serves two primary functions. One is to protect the concrete and the other is to improve its appearance. Concrete surfaces, especially garage floors, are subject to staining and damage from oil, chemicals, dirt, road salt, and other materials. They can also be damaged by water erosion and extreme temperatures. A clear concrete sealer provides a protective barrier that stands between damaging elements and the concrete to help keep it from spalling, pitting and cracking. Although there is the initial investment of time and money to seal concrete, ultimately, it will help to avoid the expense of repair or replacement of the concrete by extending its service life. Concrete sealers can be used on new and old concrete, whether indoors or outdoors.

A clear concrete sealer also helps to beautify concrete by bringing out its colors and textures with a low sheen, high-gloss or wet look finish. Of note, spills, mud, and other contaminants are more easily cleaned from a sealed concrete surface.

Choosing the best type of clear concrete sealer depends on the requirements of your project.

DiamondFinish Clear - Concrete Sealer

Acrylic Concrete Sealer

Water based acrylic concrete sealer is the most widely used and is known for its color enhancement, short dry time and the ability to be applied to concrete soon after it is poured. Acrylic concrete sealers are also easy to use and generally more economical than other concrete sealers. A downside is that acrylic concrete sealer applies in thin coats is not durable. So, recoating is required more frequently than other types of clear concrete sealers. Acrylic concrete sealers are available in water based and solvent based formulations. Water based is often preferred as it is more durable than solvent based. Additionally, it helps reduce issues like brush marks and bubbling. A benefit of a solvent based acrylic clear concrete sealer is that it does a better job of enhancing the concrete color.

Penetrating Concrete Sealer

A clear concrete sealer that penetrates concrete is popular for outdoor use as it absorbs into the concrete for a barrier that doesn’t let water in but allows water vapor to evaporate out. This is ideal for winter environments as water trapped in concrete can freeze and expand, thereby cracking the concrete. Penetrating concrete sealer is popular for outdoor use, such as on sidewalks, as it doesn’t have a glossy finish that can get slippery when wet. Types of penetrating concrete sealers are silicate concrete sealer, silicone concrete sealer and silane concrete sealer. Silicate concrete sealer increases hardness and density of concrete. It maintains the natural appearance of the concrete but doesn’t provide high levels of protection against water erosion. Silicone concrete sealer provides shorter term protection and will need to be reapplied far more frequently than other sealers. This sealer doesn’t alter the appearance of concrete and is often used on vertical surfaces to protect concrete against graffiti. The coating doesn’t offer UV protection so it’s not ideal for applications that are exposed to significant sunlight. Silane Concrete Sealer is applied in two to three thick coats and provides protection for up to 3 years. This heavy-duty clear concrete sealer significantly changes the appearance of the concrete and is frequently used for parking garages.

Epoxy Concrete Sealer

Epoxy clear concrete sealer is much harder than acrylic concrete sealant and offers a thick and durable finish that is long lasting and abrasion resistant. Epoxy sealant has a high gloss and brings out surface colors. It’s a popular choice for kitchen counters and high traffic areas like walkways. As epoxy is vulnerable to yellowing caused by UV light it is most popular for indoor applications.

DiamondFinish Clear - Concrete Sealer

Polyurethane and Urethane Concrete Sealers

Polyurethane and urethane clear concrete sealer has a service life of 4-8 years, provides almost twice the thickness of an acrylic concrete sealer, and offers excellent durability against chemicals, contaminants, and scuffing. UV protectants keep the sealant from yellowing over time, making it a functional choice for outdoor applications as well as indoor use. Like acrylics, they are available in water based and solvent based formulations. This type of sealer performs so well it is the sealant of choice for high traffic areas such as concrete roadways. Flexibility of the coating allows it to handle impacts that would damage an acrylic clear concrete sealer.

KBS Coatings DiamondFinish Clear concrete sealer is an excellent choice for sealing concrete. DiamondFinish Clear is a 1K (one part – requires no mixing) moisture cured high gloss urethane clear coat that is exceptionally tough. Its formulation brings out the colors and textures of the concrete and because of its Advanced Cross-Linked Coatings Technology, it is both flexible and durable to avoid cracking and peeling. To see a demonstration of DiamondFinish Clear’s flexibility and durability see our video. DiamondFinish Clear is self-leveling and can be applied with a roller, spray gun, or with a brush without leaving any brush marks. The clear concrete sealer is UV stable making it an excellent performer for both indoor and outdoor uses. DiamondFinish Clear is user friendly with a quick dry time and a low and compliant VOC formulation.

DiamondFinish Clear - Concrete Sealer

Choosing the correct clear concrete sealer is a matter of determining what qualities it will need to have to best meet the requirements of the project. With careful research and selecting high quality products you can achieve a finish that looks great and provides long-lasting protection.

For more information on DiamondFinish Clear click HERE.

DiamondFinish Clear Used To Clear Coat Exterior Artwork

DiamondFinish Clear is not only an automotive 1K clear coat but is also used by artists worldwide to protect their outdoor sculptures and exterior artwork. DiamondFinish Clear is an easy to apply clear coat that is completely non-porous once cured and UV stable protecting permanently the surface that it encapsulates.

XTC And XTC Clear Used To Paint Smoker

XTC is a high temperature/heat resistant coating formulated specifically to protect metal surfaces operating at temperatures from 500° F to 1500° F making XTC ideal for smokers and grills. With proper preparation, XTC provides outstanding adhesion, film integrity, weathering, and thermal shock-resistance throughout this entire temperature range and is guaranteed not to burn off! XTC is ideal for exterior applications because it resists rust when primed with XTC PrimerXTC Clear is typically used on smokers over the XTC base color to provide the gloss that many desire for their smoker.

KBS MAXX Used To Coat Heavy Equipment

KBS MAXX is a superior performance, two-component (2K), low VOC, low HAPs, permanently UV stable polyurethane topcoat that can be applied by brush, roller or sprayer to all your heavy equipment and heavy machinery.

KBS MAXX offers excellent gloss and color retention as well as superior impact resistance and provides fast drying characteristics. When durability and looks are key, KBS MAXX is the best rated and proven choice for all your exterior paint needs.