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Once you open the Tank Sealer do you have to use it right away or can I split between multiple tanks?

Yes, you can do multiple tanks with a single appropriately sized Tank Sealer Kit.

To do this, be sure to prep both tanks well and then pour part of the can of Tank Sealer into one tank and then the other part of the can of Tank Sealer into the other tank immediately. Never drain the Tank Sealer from one tank to another.

You can also pour part of the Tank Sealer into a prepped tank and then put plastic between the lid and the can of Tank Sealer and store the Tank Sealer for later use (within six months).

KBS Klean and RustBlast can be used on multiple tanks, and if needed, can be poured from one tank to the next. You can typically prep a few tanks with KBS Klean and RustBlast without losing any effectiveness.

Please read the complete Tank Sealer Application Directions before you begin your project.