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Can I just use the Tank Sealer and skip the KBS Klean and RustBlast?

We designed Tank Sealer to be a long-term rust prevention and sealer solution and we also developed the prep process to complement and enhance the performance of Tank Sealer. It is certainly possible to use the Tank Sealer without using KBS Klean and RustBlast, but you are risking the chance that the Tank Sealer will not adhere well and prematurely fail. KBS Klean cleans the surface well and RustBlast etches the surface to leave an anchor pattern, so you get incredible adhesion of the Tank Sealer.

As with any coatings job, the prep is 90% of the job and the same is true with the KBS Tank Sealer System. If you want the longest-term results, it is always best to do all three steps of the KBS Tank Sealer System.