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What is the mesh?

The BackBone Fiberglass Mesh is used for areas of your tank that need to be reinforced. If you have pinholes and weak areas, you can use the BackBone Fiberglass Mesh with some Tank Sealer on the outside of your tank to reinforce that area.

Use KBS BackBone Reinforcing Mesh for exterior repair of pinholes or weld seams. Prior to patching, prep the outside and inside of the tank by using KBS Klean and RustBlast and allow all surfaces to dry completely. Begin by sealing the inside of the tank as outlined above. After sealing, immediately use any remaining Tank Sealer to paint a thin layer on the exterior pinhole area(s). Using a suitably sized piece of BackBone Mesh, embed it directly into the wet Tank Sealer and apply another thin coat of Tank Sealer painting outward from the center. Let cure.

Please review the complete Tank Sealer Application Directions as they will walk you through the straightforward process.