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Can tints, pearls, and metal flake be added to DiamondFinish Clear?

Tinting, adding pearls, and adding metal flake to DiamondFinish Clear is extremely common. DiamondFinish Clear is a moisture cured urethane, so it is key that anything that is added to DiamondFinish Clear be 100% dry, meaning is does not contain moisture. 

In general, tints, candy tints, pearls, and flakes that work well with DiamondFinish Clear are those that are designed for urethanes and these tints, candy tints, pearls, and flakes can be found at most local body supply shops.

TIP: Only mix what is needed for an application session as the pot life of DiamondFinish Clear might be diminished once the tints, candy tints, pearls, and/or flakes are added.

Please check out the complete DiamondFinish Clear Application Directions before you begin your project.