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What is the best way to open my can of DiamondFinish Clear?

Because most of our paint is shipped at some point, there is a chance that the paint in the can might get between the can and the lid which can make getting the lid off more difficult than it might be with ordinary paint. The main resin in DiamondFinish Clear is an adhesive.

If you have a plastic ring on the can lid, please remove it. It is always best to use a paint can opener which has a curved or ā€œLā€ shape on the end. Flat head screwdrivers are not ideal as they tend to warp the lid as you pry the lid open.

Use the paint can opener to gently lift the lid in a section and then rotate the DiamondFinish Clear can 10 degrees and lift gently and repeat until you have gone all around the can. Go around the DiamondFinish Clear can once again this time lifting the lid a little more. Repeat until the lid comes off. Do NOT lift the lid in one section only as this will warp the lid and the compression seal that the lid provides, and this can sometimes make it difficult to remove the lid.

Please review the complete DiamondFinish Clear Application Directions before you begin your project.