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Can DiamondFinish Clear be used as a concrete sealer or clear concrete paint?

Yes. DiamondFinish Clear is a single-component, ready-to-use, high-solid content, moisture-curing urethane with exceptional adhesion properties. DiamondFinish Clear is specifically formulated to seal porous surfaces like metals, wood or even concrete. Concrete is an alkali material readily susceptible to moisture and chemicals because it is very porous.

DiamondFinish Clear is an inexpensive and simple solution for protecting and sealing concrete permanently. Unlike other high-performance concrete coatings, DiamondFinish Clear is a single-component product with no mixing ratios involved. Simply stir and use. There is no special equipment needed.

When first applied, DiamondFinish Clear's thin viscosity wets and penetrates the surface and, as it combines with atmospheric moisture, the curing process of resins begins. This unique curing mechanism allows DiamondFinish Clear to expand and interlock within the pores of the concrete enabling it to become part of the surface. This extremely tough, yet flexible coating then seals the surface, blocks all pores, and prevents all access to moisture. DiamondFinish Clear is also highly resistant to mechanical abrasion and impact.

Once concrete is sealed with DiamondFinish Clear, its finished surface will become extremely tough, durable, and chemically resistant allowing for easy clean up with little or no maintenance.

Please review the complete Concrete Sealing Application Directions before you begin your project.