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What is the shelf life of BlackTop?

BlackTop should be good for at least two years unopened and if opened and stored correctly, BlackTop should be good for at least six months after you open for the first time.

TIP: Do not paint directly out of can. Dispense a working amount of BlackTop into a separate container (steel or glass is best) and seal immediately. Unused paint should NEVER be put back into the can as it will shorten its shelf life and cause pressure build-up, possibly popping the lid. Keep can groove free of paint by using a scoop or KBS Paint Spout. Use plastic wrap between the lid and the top of the can to stop metal to metal contact as BlackTop is extremely strong and tough and can permanently seal the lid. Store in cool dry place. If storing for a period of time, hold can lid, and plastic wrap (described above) closely above can and spray KBS Paint Saver towards side of the can to avoid splashing. Spray KBS Paint Saver 2 seconds for quarts or less and 4 seconds for gallons. KBS Paint Saver prevents oxygen and moisture damage and extends storage times of BlackTop.

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