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BlackTop and BlackTop Aerosol

Can BlackTop Aerosol be applied directly to aluminum?

BlackTop Aerosol adheres incredibly well to aluminum surfaces providing a beautiful and durable finish. +Read More

Can I see an actual sample of the different sheens of BlackTop?

KBS Coatings provides actual painted out color samples so customers can determine which sheen of BlackTop they desire before purchasing. +Read More.

Can BlackTop be applied over epoxy primer or polyester filler primer?

BlackTop is an ideal top coat for coating a surface that has been primed or has body filler on the surface. +Read More.

Can I mix different sheens (Gloss, Satin, Flat) of BlackTop to get my desired gloss level?

You can mix different sheens of BlackTop to create custom sheen that matches the sheen that you desire for your project. +Read More.

Can I brush on the BlackTop paint or does it have to be sprayed?

BlackTop is formulated to be brush on, rolled or, or sprayed on and it looks like a powder coated finsih when it is cured. +Read More.

What type of a brush should be used to brush BlackTop for a smooth finish?

BlackTop is a durable, 1K paint that brushes on beautifully to protect frames and a chassis. +Read More.

Is the aerosol version of BlackTop the same as the standard (non-aerosol) BlackTop version?

BlackTop and BlackTop Aerosol are both incredible 1K and single stage coatings. +Read More.

Can BlackTop be used on wood?

BlackTop is easily used to coat wood to provide a UV stable, durable, and great looking finish. +Read More.

How much BlackTop do I need to cover the frame and underneath components of a full-size pickup truck?

BlackTop is the ideal frame paint to coat the frame and underneath components of a full-size truck. +Read More.

What is the shelf life of BlackTop?

BlackTop should be good for at least two years unopened and if opened and stored correctly, BlackTop should be good for at least six months after you open for the first time. +Read More.

What should I use for cleanup when using BlackTop?

For cleaing up BlackTop, please use KBS #1 Thinner or lacquer thinner. +Read More.

Is BlackTop urethane based?

BlackTop (non-aerosol) is a moisture cured urethane which is an advanced coatings technology which makes BlackTop extremely durable, yet flexible, and BlackTop offers excellent adhesion to prepared surfaces. +Read More.