What type of a brush should be used to brush BlackTop for a smooth finish?

The best brush for brushing out BlackTop is a natural bristle brush like the ones found HERE. Be sure to pull the loose brush hairs out of a new brush so they do not come off as you are painting.

Please be sure to read through the BlackTop Directions before you start your project.

Can I brush on the BlackTop paint or does it have to be sprayed?

Yes, you can absolutely brush BlackTop. We formulated BlackTop so that when it is brushed on, it looks like it has been sprayed. When brushing BlackTop, do not overwork the brush as this can cause the BlackTop to cure too quickly possibly leaving visible brush marks. It is best to brush an area with BlackTop and move on immediately versus brushing an area over and over again. If you brush over an area over and over again forcing the solvents out, you run the risk of the brush marks not flowing out as well they are designed to flow out.

Please be sure to read through the complete BlackTop Directions.