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Motor Coater

Can I Make Motor Coater An Aerosol?

Many of our Motor Coater colors come packaged in an aerosol can making application convenient in certain applications. Not all colors of Motor Coater comes packaged as an aerosol can, but you can always easily convert Motor Coater to an aerosol application using the Preval Sprayer Kit. 

Can Metallic Colors of Motor Coater Be Brushed?

An extremely popular brushing technique for brushing metallic coatings is to brush out the coating, let the coat cure for a few minutes, then lightly brush the surface again in one direction which will help float the metallic pigments to the surface giving you a nice metallic sparkle finish. +Read More.

Do you need to primer, or use a prep coating on the surface before apply Motor Coater?

For best results, always clean the surface to be coated with Motor Coater with KBS Klean and etch the surface with RustBlast. +Read More.

To apply Motor Coater with a spray gun, do I reduce, how much, and with what?

Motor Coater is easily reduced or thinned to spray with a spray gun. +Read More.

Does Motor Coater need to be heat cured or will it completely air cure after seven days?

Motor Coater is easily cured by the ambient air and does not have to be heat cured. +Read More.

Can Motor Coater be applied to brake calipers?

Motor Coater is an ideal paint for brake calipers which will make your calipers pop and stand out. +Read More.

Is Motor Coater glossy and shiny?

Motor Coater is a gloss and shiny finish that retains the gloss. +Read More.

Do I need anything special on bare aluminum prior to using Motor Coater?

Motor Coater adheres very well to aluminum surfaces. +Read More.

What is the maximum temperature Motor Coater can handle?

Motor Coater is good to 450F which is more than enough for water cooled engines, oil pans, transmissions, calipers, etc. +Read More.

How can Motor Coater be applied to an oil pan? Prep required?

Motor Coater is ideal for coating an oil pan. +Read More.

Will Motor Coater work on other car parts like spindle, upper A arms, etc.?

Motor Coater is an excellent automotive, exterior grade UV stable coating that adheres well to a variety of surfaces and provides a beautiful, durable finish. +Read More.

Looking to brush Motor Coater and wanted to know what type of thinner is needed?

Motor Coater Engine is designed to be brushed on and thinning is not required, but you can use KBS #1 Thinner or Xylene to thin Motor Coater if desired. +Read More.

Is Motor Coater UV resistant?

Motor Coater is is UV stable and designed to be in the sunlight so you can keep the hood up on your car and show off the engine compartment. +Read More.

I will be coating my marine engine with Motor Coater, but have some rust spots on the iron die-cast manifold. How would you recommend I prepare this spot before applying the Motor Coater Engine Paint?

Motor Coater from KBS Coatings is used all of the time to coat marine engines. +Read More.