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Is DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol Impervious To Fuels

While DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol is impervious to most solvents and oils, we do not recommend DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol where there will be substantial contact with fuel. Fuel is quite harsh and can wrinkle DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol when there is substancial contact.

That said, DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol is a tough Clear Coat that can be conveniently applied Direct To Ferrous Metals and Aluminum or over other coatings.

DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol is a water clear aerosol clear coat that utilizes a professional grade acrylic resin system for supreme clarity and adhesion.

DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol does not yellow, crack or peel.

If you have an application where you need a clear coat that will withstand substancial contact with fuel, it is best to Contact Us so we can guide you based on your specific application.

Please check out the complete DiamondFinish Clear Application Directions before you begin your project.