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KBS Klean

Forgot To Dilute KBS Klean With Water. What Should I Do?

KBS Klean is a concentrate and should be diluted with water at least one to one, but if that is not done, you can rinse the surface extremely well with water. +Read More.

I have some new metal straight from the factory so it's clean. Do I still need to use the KBS Klean?

KBS Klean is an ideal cleaner for new metals that tend to have manufacturing residues which can hinder paint adhesion. +Read More.

Will KBS Klean harm a painted surface?

KBS Klean is an excellent cleaner for fully cured painted surfaces. +Read More.

Will KBS Klean work on unpainted aluminum?

KBS Klean works really well to clean aluminum surfaces whether it is just to clean them or to get the surface ready for paint. +Read More.

After mixing your KBS Klean in warm or hot water and putting in spray bottle, can you store the KBS Klean mix and reuse without being warm?

KBS Klean mixed in a spray bottle can be kept and used when you need a powerful cleaner and degreaser. +Read More.

Does your KBS Kleen clean and neutralize salt residue?

KBS Klean is highly effective at cleaning and neutralizing harmful salt residue. +Read More.

Can we use this on our canvas boat cover? It has mold on it!

KBS Klean is very effective in cleaning canvas surfaces including boat covers that have mold on them. +Read More.

Do I need to protect my windshield from getting KBS Klean on it? I am planning to re-paint the top of my truck?

KBS Klean is used to clean windshields because KBS Klean will easily cut through bug guts and the like. +Read More.

Can I use KBS Klean full strength or is KBS Klean always supposed to be diluted?

KBS Klean is designed to be diluted as least one to one to be full-strength. +Read More.

My tank has an internal fuel pump and fuel strainer assembly consisting of a mix of plastic and metal parts. Is it safe to use KBS Klean on these parts?

KBS Klean is a great cleaner for metal and plastic parts and works to clean the inside of a tank. +Read More.

Is KBS Klean suitable for use prior to spraying automotive paint?

KBS Klean is an ideal cleaner to clean a surface before applying an automotive paint. KBS Klean does not leave a residue like solvent based cleaners. +Read More.

Can I use your KBS Klean in our parts washer?

KBS Klean is a concentrated cleaner and degreaser that works incredibly well as a detergent in a part washer. +Read More.