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What color is RustBlast?

RustBlast typically does have a dye in it so a difference can be seen between RustBlast and KBS Klean as these two products are typically put in spray bottles for application. The color of the dye we use depends on what is available so please do not assume that one color of RustBlast is better than another color. The dye is simply in there, so you know you are using RustBlast and not KBS Klean (which is clear).

Please check out the complete RustBlast Application Directions before you begin your project.

Will my cured undercoating be affected by RustBlast while treating the bare metal?

RustBlast will not disturb any fully cured coatings like your undercoating. You can do the KBS 3 Step System and do not have to worry about the RustBlast or KBS Klean disturbing your undercoating.

Check out the directions for the KBS 3 Step System here:

Is RustBlast safe if it is gets on wiring, rubber, etc. during the process of using it on a car chassis?

Yes, as long as the contact is casual and the RustBlast is rinsed off with water, RustBlast should not affect your wiring and rubber components.

Please be sure to check out the complete directions for RustBlast HERE.

If I sandblast the surface, can I or should I still do the RustBlast step?

Because a clean sandblasted surface (using fresh sand, not recycled sand) is the ideal surface for adhesion with RustSeal and can be prone to surface rust with an application of RustBlast, we recommend applying RustSeal directly to a sandblasted surface. Please be sure to wear gloves when handling the sandblasted piece to prevent finger oils from getting on the surface.

With that said, you can apply RustBlast to a sandblasted surface before applying RustSeal, but please be aware that that surface will be more prone to surface rusting if not dried immediately after rinsing the RustBlast off the surface.

Please be sure to check out the complete directions for RustSeal HERE.

How do I minimize flash rust when rinsing the RustBlast off with water?

Surface rust can occur when you introduce water to bare metal, but this will not affect the KBS 3 Step Rust Prevention or Tank Sealing System. If you want to minimize flash rust, you can simply dry the surface immediately after rinsing it with water.

If you just have some light surface rust, please proceed to the next step.

Feel check out the complete application directions for RustBlast HERE.