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My can of KBS Paint Saver seems empty. Is this normal?

This is a very common misconception. KBS Paint Saver should absolutely feel empty. This is to be expected. As stated on the can label, it is .25 ounces ... 1/4 of an ounce.

KBS Paint Saver is canned air that is heavier than the air we breathe but it is 100% dry which allows KBS Paint Saver to work effectively.

KBS Paint Saver is not a liquid like the canned air that is used on electronics which is why many get confused.

To effective use KBS Paint Saver, simply hold your paint can lid closely above the can and spray KBS Paint Saver towards the side of the paint can to avoid splashing. Spray KBS Paint Saver 2 seconds for quarts or less and 4 seconds for gallons. Close can lid immediately.

KBS Paint Saver prevents oxygen and moisture damage that can happen in paint cans and extends storage times of paints, coatings, and clear coats.