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Rust Protection Using Clear Coat While Keeping a Rust Patina Look

Rust Prevention Clear Coat - Patina Clear Coat

Rust Protection Using Clear Coat While Keeping a Rust Patina Look

Patina is a thin layer that develops on the surface of metal, wood, leather, and other materials which gives an aged look. Patina can be the result of age, exposure to the sun and moisture, as well as wear. A patinaed look can also be brought about artificially with things like chemicals, specialty coatings, and abrasion. Rust can be considered a desirable patina, however, left unchecked it can eventually eat metal away completely. Every now and again we get inquiries from customers who would like to keep the patina look of rusted metal, heighten rust patina appearance, while also protecting the metal from further rusting. When asked for advice on coatings that can be used to get these results, we recommend DiamondFinish Clear and KBS MAXX Clear for rust protection using clear coat to keep and maintain a rust patina look.

Rust Prevention Clear Coat - Patina Clear Coat

Rust Protection Using Clear Coat

To stop rust, rust must be separated from oxygen and moisture. DiamondFinish Clear and KBS MAXX Clear coats can be used to seal rust and provide rust protection with a durable impervious barrier that blocks moisture and oxygen from reaching metal surfaces. By using a clear coat for rust protection, the rust patina look will remain, but the rust won’t continue to progress.

Preserving Rust Patina with Clear Coat

Rust patina can be a delicate thing. Since rust can be powdery, or flaky, it is susceptible to being marred by impacts and abrasion. A clear coat provides a hard, durable, protective coating that can preserve rust patina. Another benefit of sealing rust with a clear coat is the rust won’t be exposed, so it won’t rub off onto clothing and other items.

Enhancing Rust Patina with Clear Coat

A clear coat brings out richness in rust colors and gives depth and luster. Applying a clear coat to seal rust patina gives it a beautiful wet look and adds a darker tone and contrast to the color of the rust.

Protecting Metal Sheets from Rust While Preserving Patina Rust

A customer told us about a wall he constructed in his basement using steel sheets that had patina rust. He said he just wanted to coat it with a clear coat to keep the look and prevent future rust. For this job, we recommended DiamondFinish Clear.

About DiamondFinish Clear

DiamondFinish Clear is one stage, single part (1K) moisture cured clear coat that can be used indoors or outdoors. It provides a beautiful crystal-clear appearance. DiamondFinish Clear is made to be extremely durable and hard, yet flexible. DiamondFinish Clear is UV stable and will not yellow, crack, or peel.

DiamondFinish Clear is offered in cans for brushing, rolling or spray equipment. Since DiamondFinish is a single part coating, no mixing of two components is necessary. Just stir and it’s ready to go.

Rust Prevention Clear Coat - Patina Clear Coat Wall with Rust Patina

About KBS MAXX Clear

KBS MAXX Clear is a single stage two-component (2K) polyurethane clear coat. KBS MAXX Clear has superior impact, weather resistance, UV permanence, and gloss retention, while providing fast drying characteristics. Like DiamondFinish Clear, KBS MAXX Clear provides a beautiful crystal-clear finish. KBS MAXX and the KBS MAXX Activator Medium are easy to mix and yield a clear coat that is ready to spray or brush.

Rust Prevention Clear Coat - Patina Clear Coat

Application Tips

  • Before applying a clear coat to rust, remove loose rust flakes with a wire brush. You do not have to be aggressive, but you want to remove rust that is falling off the surface.
  • Clean the surface with KBS Klean mixed with warm water in a 1-1 ratio. A cloth can be used to scrub the surface.
  • Rinse with water and allow the surface to dry thoroughly. Many times it is best to force dry to get all of the water out of the rusty surface which tends to be porous.
  • Apply a minimum of three coats of DiamondFinish Clear or KBS MAXX Clear. The actual number of coats can vary based upon the coarseness of the rust. It’s important that the peaks and valleys of the surface profile are completely sealed to prevent rust and corrosion from spreading down the road.

Application Tip

SPECIAL TIP: DiamondFinish Clear and KBS MAXX Clear can also be used to seal non-rusted, bare metal to keep it from rusting.

Rust Prevention Clear Coat - Patina Clear Coat

If you are looking for rust protection using a clear coat while keeping a rust patina look, DiamondFinish Clear and KBS MAXX Clear will provide long lasting durability, and a beautiful appearance. If you have any questions about sealing rust with KBS clear coats, please let us know.

Can I get KBS Coatings in Puerto Rico?

Because of FAA restrictions, we are unable to ship our paint products direct to Puerto Rico, but we do have a Reseller in Puerto Rico and they do an incredible job getting KBS Coatings to customers in Puerto Rico. Please reach out to them so they can assist you in getting KBS Coatings in Puerto Rico.

Econo Tools
1131 Ave FD Roosevelt
URB Puerto Nuevo
San Juan PR 00920-2905
Phone: (787) 783-8213

Do you have any suggestions for getting my can of paint open and storing it for future use?

Over the years, one of the most useful tips we give to our customers is how to properly open a paint can, so it be sealed correctly.

In the video below, we show you how to properly open and close a paint can from KBS Coatings. Because most of our paint is shipped at some point, there is a chance that the paint in the can might get between the can and the lid which can make getting the lid off more difficult than it might be with an ordinary latex paint. Latex paints do not provide nearly the adhesion that is provided with paints from KBS Coatings so that is why opening our paint cans is an essential critical first step.

In the video, we also show you how to use KBS Paint Saver. KBS Paint Saver is a proven paint preserver that allows user-friendly long-term storing of leftover paints in the original can. KBS Paint Saver keeps paints, coatings, and clear coats from skinning over in the can saving you money by allowing you to use the entire can of paint. KBS Paint Saver is environmentally safe, allows for storage of paints in their original cans, and is extremely easy to use.

At KBS Coatings, we want you to be able to make the most of your investment which is why we show you how to open and close the paint can and how to use KBS Paint Saver to preserve the paint in the can.

How long does it take to ship out my order once I place an order?

Over 99% of our orders are shipped out the same day when the order is placed by 3PM CST on a weekday.

We do our very best to get your orders shipped as quickly as possible because we know people want to get started on their restoration projects.

Does KBS Coating Ship To Canada?

KBS Coatings Ships Direct To Canada

KBS Coatings ships direct to Canada via FedEx Ground. The shipping rates are dynamically displayed on the Cart Page or the Checkout Page include transportation costs, all taxes, as well as customs and duties.

You can pick up KBS Coatings locally in Canada?

We also have convenient Online Resellers in Canada who ship Direct To You.

You can Call and get KBS Coatings Shipped to a Canadian Address?

  • Please call Gerald at Plastique Royal: 450-661-8250 to place your order.
  • Please call JB'S Power Center West Edmonton: 780-489-6663 to place your order.

When do I do the Cavity Coater? After prepping and coating the outside of the frame with RustSeal or before?

It is best to prep and coat the outside of the frame first allowing the RustSeal to fully cure at least 24 hours before applying the Cavity Coater to the inside of the frame. Doing it this way allows you to easily wipe off with mineral spirits the Cavity Coater if some of the Cavity Coater comes out of the holes of the frame.

If any of your paints or your prep products freeze, are they still ok?

Yes. Our products will work perfectly fine if they freeze if you let our products get back to room temperature before using.

For the prep products, shake the bottles well before using.

For our paint products, stir really well before using.

Why is it so important to paint your products in thin coats? I've painted quite a bit and a lot of paints I've use don't require this. What is different about your paints?

Paints that contain a high solids percentage and are moisture cured urethanes (like most of our coatings) require thin, covering coats to prevent the coat you are painting from skinning over trapping the escaping solvents below the skin which looks like micro bubbles on the surface. Most traditional paints are a very high solvents (low solids) content and that is why you can paint those in thicker coats because most of the coat is solvent that will evaporate away.

How can I find a reseller so I can pick up your products locally?

We have hundreds of KBS Coatings Resellers all over the US, Canada, and internationally.

To find a KBS Coatings Reseller close to you in the US or Canada, please go to the KBS Reseller Finder and plug in your zip code (US) or postal code (Canada) and the site will show you the resellers closest to you. You can even tell the site how many miles away to search.

Our Reseller Finder is updated daily, so check back often!