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General Topics

The Best Way to Clean a Surface Before Coating or Painting

We recommend use of KBS Klean to clean a surface before coating or painting as it doesn’t leave residue that can cause surface tension. KBS Klean is a concentrated, water-based, and non-flammable formula that removes dirt, grime, oils, lubricants, grease, waxes, scum, and other contaminants. +Read More.

Rust Protection Using Clear Coat While Keeping a Rust Patina Look

KBS Coatings recommends DiamondFinish Clear and KBS MAXX Clear for rust protection using clear coat while keeping a rust patina look. +Read More.

Can I get KBS Coatings in Puerto Rico?

Products from KBS Coatings are available in Puerto Rico by contacting our distributor in Puerto Rico. +Read More.

Do you have any suggestions for getting my can of paint open and storing it for future use?

Over the years, one of the most useful tips we give to our customers is how to properly open a paint can so it be sealed correctly. In the video below, we show you how to properly open and close a paint can from KBS Coatings. +Read More.

How long does it take to ship out my order once I place an order?

At KBS Coatings, we do our very best to ship your order out of our warehouse the same business day that the order is placed. +Read More.

Does KBS Coating Ship To Canada?

We can ship to Canada but the shipping costs tend to be very high so this is what we suggest so you can get KBS Coatings at the best possible delivered price. +Read More.

When do I do the Cavity Coater? After prepping and coating the outside of the frame with RustSeal or before?

It is best to prep and coat the outside of the frame first allowing the RustSeal to fully cure at least 24 hours before applying the Cavity Coater to the inside of the frame. +Read More.

If any of your paints or your prep products freeze, are they still ok?

KBS Coatings Products can freeze and are still good to use once they come back to room temperature. +Read More.

Why is it so important to paint your products in thin coats? I've painted quite a bit and a lot of paints I've use don't require this. What is different about your paints?

Paints that contain a high solids percentage and are moisture cured urethanes (like most of our coatings) require thin, covering coats to prevent the coat you are painting from skinning over trapping the escaping solvents below the skin which looks like micro bubbles on the surface. +Read More.

How can I find a reseller so I can pick up your products locally?

Please go to our KBS Coatings Resellers Page to find the closest reseller to you. +Read More.