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KBS UnderCoat

When spraying KBS UnderCoat with the KBS Schutz Gun, how does pressure affect the texture?

Generally, once you have the KBS Schutz Gun in an appropriate pressure range for the viscosity of the KBS UnderCoat, you can then create more texture by lowering the pressure and you can create less texture by increasing the pressure.

Please check out the KBS UnderCoat Application Directions before starting your project.

Does KBS UnderCoat provide sound deadening?

Yes, KBS UnderCoat will provide sound deadening characteristics as KBS UnderCoat helps to solidify the metal and prevent the steel from vibrating and resonating sounds.

It is common to prep and seal the surface with RustSeal and then coat over the RustSeal with KBS UnderCoat. RustSeal provides the ultimate rust protection and KBS UnderCoat provides more durability and sound deadening.